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Transformer Services

Electrical Transformers Installation & Overhauling Singapore

Transformers are crucial across both electrical and mechanical engineering industries. The growing attention to environmental concerns further demands electrical transformers to be functioning as efficiently as possible.

With more than 20 years in Singapore’s electrical and mechanical engineering industries, Maintech Engineering & Supplies is perfectly positioned to provide some of the best electric transformer overhaul and repair services, for power or distribution transformers.

From installation, maintenance, commissioning to winding, our professional and expert engineers are well-equipped to provide exceptional and comprehensive engineering overhaul services for all electrical transformers up to 300MVA, 500kV. We strive to be the most dependable service provider in Singapore, by combining our experience, expertise and professionalism to offer our clients the best experience of working with us.

MES provides distribution and power transformers up to 300MVA, 500kV, oil-cooled with on-load tap changer for including:

  • Transformer Maintenance Services
  • Transformer Repair Services
  • Transformer Installation Services
  • Transformer Testing Services
  • Transformer Commissioning Services
  • Transformer Rewinding Services
  • Transformer Winding Services


No matter what electric transformer you’re using, from power to distribution transformers, proper operation is impossible without a correct installation. With the proper procedures and execution, our engineers will ensure your transformer is installed correctly. Our attention to detail sets every transformer on the right path to functioning as efficiently and safely as possible.

Site considerations, controlling the sound level and ensuring every connection is tightened are other aspects we’ll take care of during your initial electrical transformer installation. A final testing is an essential step of installment. Our engineers will ensure all connections are secure, and the correct ratio between low and high voltage windings is present.


Commissioning is another crucial point of a transformer’s life cycle. A rigorous testing process is conducted after the transformer is fully installed, to check if the transformer is performing exactly as it should. Our professional engineers and skilled workers will uncover any problems or faults that may have occured during installation.

Results from the commissioning are also essential for future use. They are used as a baseline result and are critical components to help diagnose any problems that come up in the future.


We strongly recommend regular maintenance for your transformer. Regular preventive maintenance will let you stay one step ahead of any potential issues that could develop within your transformer. Typically, the insulation system is the first component of a transformer to be affected.

Organic products within a transformer degrade the fastest, and become less and less capable of handling the stress of their daily operations. Left unattended, these small issues could develop into major faults and cause a transformer to fail altogether. Paper insulation degrades quickly, and rewinding might be needed to restore it to its best.

Our expert engineers will conduct thorough checks to uncover any potential or present faults within your transformer. Annual maintenance services will address any potential issues and remedy them with preventive actions, guided by our engineers’ wealth of expertise and experience.

Revitalising mineral oil can be done with oil reclamation. This results in the organic materials performing closer to what they did when they were new.


If your electrical transformer has failed or is displaying noticeable faults, our professional and expert engineers will conduct several test to decide if overhauling your transformer if necessary. When overhauling, rewinding a transformer with new paper insulation lets it perform as optimally as possible.

Our Other Services Include:

  • Servicing and repair of distribution and power transformers up to 300MVA, 230kV
  • Servicing of shunt reactor up to 100MVar, 230kV
  • Installation of new transformers and shunt reactors
  • High vacuum purification and filtration of transformer oil
  • Replacement of transformer mineral oil or silicon oil
  • Dissolved gas-in-oil analysis (DGA) by gas chromatography
  • Power Transformer Oil testing: Acidity, water content, colour and dielectric-strength
  • Oil tests for acidity, water content, colour and dielectric-strength
  • Winding resistance, insulation resistance and turn-ratio tests
  • Current injection tests on protective relays
  • High potential tests on transformer winding
  • Tangent-Delta tests on transformer winding
  • Partial Discharge tests on transformer winding
  • Frequency Response Analysis on transformers




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    Regular testing and maintenance are needed to check if the transformer is functioning and lower the chances of a malfunction occurring. Likewise, to verify the transformer’s performance and specifications.

    In fact, with maintenance and testing, benefits for a transformer include:

    • Enhanced equipment efficiency, conditions in relation to transformer losses can be rectified.
    • Enhanced safety, issues are spotted before turning into a hazard.
    • Lowered expenses, maintenance can be properly scheduled.

    Before the inspection, the transformer should be cleaned thoroughly before checking for any component damage. A typical visual inspection done on the internal team or your end usually involves detecting voltage creeping over insulation surfaces and signs of overheating.

    However, a visual inspection may not always suffice; at times, certain tests and professional overhauling may need to be executed by an expert with years of expertise.

    Generally, the standard tips to take include: Ensuring the transformers are not overloaded, conducting regular checks on the oil, keeping an eye on the silica gel, and conducting regular testing.

    However, this list is not exhaustive and is just a brief overview of the essential steps to take. At the end of the day, if you’re unfamiliar with transformer maintenance and repair; it’s best to ultimately engage with an expert instead.

    Explosions, fires, and failures can occur in an electrical transformer due to various reasons, and these factors consist of:

    • Lightning strikes
    • Overloading
    • Moisture
    • Wear and corrosion
    • Power surges and malfunctioned safety devices
    • Electrical system undergoes damage
    • Improper lubrication
    • High operating temperature
    • Misapplication
    • Vibration

    Past data shows that transformer failure is a key risk factor to affected business continuity and loss of revenue.

    In fact, proven results have shown that a transformer failure can drastically impact (41% of respondents) or cease operations completely (9% of respondents). Likewise, business operations suffer greatly; 71% of respondents stated it would take in excess of 3 days to restore power supply, while 11% stated it could take 6 months or more.