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Switchgear Services

Switchgear Testing, Installation and Maintenance Singapore

At Maintech Engineering and Supplies, we believe that your switchgear is one of the most important pieces of equipment. A switchgear functioning at its best is crucial to prevent any malfunctions from happening.

There are a few components to ensure a switchgear is working perfectly: its initial installation and subsequent maintenance keep this critical piece of equipment functioning as it should. Our annual switchgear services utilise our expertise and experience in handling the installation and maintenance of switchgears. Our switchgear services include: installation, testing, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting.

Here at Maintech Engineering and Supplies, we offer our expertise for annual switchgear servicing to our valued customers. We have more than 20 years of experience at the forefront of the industry, with countless installations, dealing with and preventing switchgear malfunctions. This puts us in the prime position to offer some of the best annual switchgear services in Singapore.

We carry out annual Switchgear services including:

  • Switchgear Maintenance
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Switchgear Installation
  • Switchgear Repair
  • Switchgear Troubler Shooting


We provide switchgear installation to ensure everything is set up properly. A correct installation is a huge step to preventing any malfunctions from developing in the future. Our professional and experienced engineers will ensure a smooth installation.

When we install your switchgear, every component is given a thorough check with various testing methods. Cable testing, circuit breaker testing and isolation panel testing are just some of the checks that will be conducted.

Maintech Engineering & Supplies is the Authorized Service Agent for the following manufacturers of switchgear:


Maintenance, Testing & Trouble Shooting

To many, switchgear require minimal or almost no maintenance whatsoever. However, our many years in the electrical and mechanical engineering industries have taught us otherwise.

The consequences of a switchgear malfunction can be extremely dire and widespread, causing costly damage to the switchgear itself and the potential harm it represents to machine and man. Switchgears should be maintained or serviced at least annually.

Our annual switchgear services in Singapore consist of multiple checks to ensure your switchgear is functioning in its optimal state and at its maximum capacity. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers will leave no stone unturned when checking your switchgear and all related equipment. The safety of you and your equipment will be assured after our checks.

Our engineers will check all disconnect points, switches and circuit breakers individually to ensure everything is working properly. Each and every unique electrical component of your switchgear will be manually tested.

Preventive maintenance is the key to maintaining your switchgear. By having a scheduled annual maintenance, your switchgear will not be allowed to reach a point of failure, where it stops working. Components will be tightened and cleaned before reasons for failure can develop within the switchgear.

Other potential detractors to a switchgears are humidity, dust and moisture. In Singapore, the humidity affects all of us, much less a switchgear. If left unattended, humidity condenses into moisture. Moisture and dust form an insulating layer on top of the switchgear and may cause it to overheat eventually.

Prevent your switchgear from failing and avoid the cost of paying for a new switchgear installation. Our annual switchgear services will keep it in the best possible condition.

Our Other Services Include:

  • Turnkey project for installation, testing and commissioning of new switchgears
  • Servicing and repair of 22kV, 6.6kV and 400V switchgears
  • Retrofitting and upgrading of switchboards
  • High potential tests of circuit breakers and power cables
  • Primary current injection tests up to 20,000A
  • Secondary current injection tests on relays including overcurrent, differential, distance and others
  • Infra-red scanning of switchboards
  • Partial discharge detection
  • Power Quality Analysis


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    Ideally, it is best for all disconnect points, circuit breakers, and switches to be tested annually to ensure they’re operating smoothly. Otherwise, at least a thermographic or infrared inspection should be conducted at least once every three years on a switchgear.

    At the same time, a visual inspection should be performed to identify any buildup of debris or dust and also to detect any discolouration or tightness in any of the components.

    Oftentimes, both terms are used interchangeably, there are clear differences between switchboards and switchgears.

    Switchboards are mainly used to transmit power to other various sources, usually found in commercial settings. Whereas a switchgear controls and protects the power supply, but is also able to disconnect from a power supply amid a fault.

    Switchboards and switchgears are also created to manage varying voltage capacities. Switchboards are hardly ever created to control over 600 volts, while high voltage switchgear can handle up to 350 kilovolts.

    When it comes to switchgear installation; there are a number of factors to take note of before beginning, and these include: projecting power needs, system coordination, system grounding methods, accessibility and size, cost factors, danger due to interruption of power, and maintenance considerations.

    However, it’s best to seek a professional engineer’s assistance for a clearer overview and proper execution.

    To maximise a switchgear’s lifespan, it takes a number of steps to do so.

    Some of them being: performing infrared inspections, exercising circuit breakers on an annual basis, adhering to the recommended maintenance, reconditioning the equipment, maintain good records and trend performance, upgrading the equipment, outsourcing preventive maintenance, using predictive maintenance tools, and performing a short circuit analysis and a time current coordination study.

    All in all, these are a few essential to-do’s to carry out for optimal performance.

    Switchgears have three standard functions: electrical isolation; ensuring protection to the individual repairing the power equipment/system, protection; safeguards electrical appliances and machines by interrupting the circuit with overload and lets currents flow through the unimpacted circuits, control; boosts system availability by letting over one source to feed a load.

    Essentially, it is a key equipment in businesses for providing a reliable electricity supply and ensuring smooth work operations.