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Overhaul & Repair Services For Electrical Motors & Generators

Our modern workshop is well-equipped to carry out the following:

  • Motor Rewinding
  • Motor Generator Repair
  • Motor Generator Upgrading
  • Motor Rewinding Services
  • Generator Rewinding Repair
  • AC Motor Repair / DC Motor Repair
  • AC Motor Overhaul / DC Motor Overhaul
  • Small Electric Motor Repair
  • Electric Generator Repair
  • Electric Armature Repair
  • Electric Motor Rewinding Services

* AC motor stators and rotors up to 13.8kV, 50000HP
* AC generator stators up to 24kV, 300MVA
* High-speed generator rotors up to 300MVA, 3600rpm
* DC motors/generators, armature and field coils up to 7kV, 50MW * GE 752 / EMD Drilling motors and generators

Our Other Services include:

  • Vacuum & Pressure Impregnation (VPI) process for high voltage stators, rotors and armatures.
  • Repair or restack stator core lamination
  • Vibration analysis
  • Condition monitoring of A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site
  • Motor current signature analysis
  • Providing Electric Motor Spare Parts
  • Explosion Proof Motor Overhauling
  • Synchronise A.C. & D.C. generators on site
  • Servicing and trouble-shooting of generator control and AVR
  • Provide installation and start-up services for plant machinery
  • Provide predictive maintenance for motors and generators
  • Dynamic balance rotors, armatures and pump impellers up to 20-ton
  • Dismantle & install A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site
  • Align A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site using laser alignment
  • High potential tests on motors and generators
  • Tangent-Delta tests on motors and generators
  • Partial Discharge tests on motors and generators
  • EL-CID core tests on motors and generators
  • Load tests on motors and generators

Maintech Engineering & Supplies is the Authorized Service Workshop for the following manufacturers of electric motors & generators:

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