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NEWAGE, STAMFORD and AvK Original Parts

NEWAGE, Stamford and AVK Original Parts

electric motor service

Maintech Engineering & Supplies is the official service partner of Cummins Generator Technologies. We carry a large stock of NEWAGE, STAMFORD and AvK Original spare parts

Our Partner’s Services Include:

  • STAMFORD Generator Parts Suppliers & Dealers
  • STAMFORD Alternator Parts Suppliers & Dealers
  • AvK Generator Parts Suppliers & Dealer
  • AvK Alternator Parts Suppliers & Dealers
  • Stocks: AVR- MX321, MX341, AS440, Cosimat N+, etc.

Other NEWAGE, STAMFORD and AvK Parts:

  • Anti condensation heater kits
  • Bearing kits
  • Exciter stator
  • Exciter rotor
  • Wound component
  • Rectifier set
  • Sensing Transformer
  • Sensors
  • Droop Kit

Get the best parts for your NEWAGE, STAMFORD & AvK generator. Insisting on Genuine NEWAGE, STAMFORD and AvK Parts is the best way to ensure the long life of your NEWAGE, STAMFORD and AvK-powered equipment. We can help you locate the parts you need.



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