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Motor Generator Services

Motor Generator Services in Singapore

Here are some of the repair and overhaul services we provide:

As a leader in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering, we have more than 20 years of experience with all types of electrical motors and generators. A staple across the industry, we have developed our technical expertise in repairing and overhauling electrical motors and generators.

At Maintech Engineering & Supplies Pte Ltd, we are confident of providing valuable services to our partners, to ensure key pieces of equipment are kept in the optimal condition by expert servicing.

Our workshop in Singapore, armed with the most modern equipment and tools, is the optimum place to administer these repairs and overhauls. Spare parts and installation of new aspects can all be done at our workshop. As an authorised service workshop for many international electric motor and generator manufacturers, such as Siemens and Baldor, original parts can be found here in Singapore.

Here are some of the repair and overhaul services we provide:

  • Motor Rewinding
  • Motor Generator Repair
  • Motor Generator Upgrading
  • Motor Rewinding Services
  • Generator Rewinding Repair
  • AC Motor Repair / DC Motor Repair
  • AC Motor Overhaul / DC Motor Overhaul
  • Small Electric Motor Repair
  • Electric Generator Repair
  • Electric Armature Repair
  • Electric Motor Rewinding Services

* AC motor stators and rotors up to 13.8kV, 50000HP
* AC generator stators up to 24kV, 300MVA
* High-speed generator rotors up to 300MVA, 3600rpm
* DC motors/generators, armature and field coils up to 7kV, 50MW * GE 752 / EMD Drilling motors and generators

When we conduct our services, a thorough testing and analysis will be conducted. Vibration analysis can be done to identify any potential issues.

As motors are placed in potentially hazardous environments and we will attempt to make your motors explosion proof to reduce future safety hazards.

Other Services

Our workshop and engineers can also administer numerous other services:

  • Vacuum & Pressure Impregnation (VPI) process for high voltage stators, rotors and armatures.
  • Repair or restack stator core lamination
  • Vibration analysis
  • Condition monitoring of A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site
  • Motor current signature analysis
  • Providing Electric Motor Spare Parts
  • Explosion Proof Motor Overhauling
  • Synchronise A.C. & D.C. generators on site
  • Servicing and trouble-shooting of generator control and AVR
  • Provide installation and start-up services for plant machinery
  • Provide predictive maintenance for motors and generators
  • Dynamic balance rotors, armatures and pump impellers up to 20-ton
  • Dismantle & install A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site
  • Align A.C. & D.C. rotating machines on site using laser alignment
  • High potential tests on motors and generators
  • Tangent-Delta tests on motors and generators
  • Partial Discharge tests on motors and generators
  • EL-CID core tests on motors and generators
  • Load tests on motors and generators

Maintech Engineering & Supplies is the Authorized Service Workshop for the following manufacturers of electric motors & generators:


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