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The Cost Of Electric Motor Rewinds: Why Perform Maintenance?

The Cost Of Electric Motor Rewinds: Why Perform Maintenance?

A lot of business operations are reliant on electric motors. Suppose the same is true for your business. In that case, you will understand the significance of ensuring that your motor has a consistent performance and is compliant with the required standards to keep your business profitable.

Most of the time, the need for motor rewind, repair, and refurbishment arises due to one’s negligence in carrying out necessary regular maintenance. Moreover, you will also understand that unplanned electric motor rewinds or repairs can disrupt your business operations. To learn more about how a damaged electric motor can be genuinely costly, here is everything you need to know about the cost of electric motor rewinds. 

The Cost of an Electric Motor Rewind

1. Downtime

The potential downtime that an electric motor rewind causes are its biggest cost. If the motor breakdown is unexpected or unforeseen, a motor rewind or repair will most likely lead to downtime unless there is a spare motor. However, even the installation of the spare motor will still take some time to be installed and set up correctly. 

2. Business Loss

Suppose your business operations are reliant on an electric motor, and it slows down or completely ceases. In that case, your business may struggle to provide customers or clients with adequate products or services, ultimately resulting in customer dissatisfaction and business losses.

If your business supplies products or services to other businesses, then the downtime or failure of your electric motor can lead to an inability on your part to fulfil orders, which can then result in lost contracts. On the other hand, if your business transacts directly with customers, failure to deliver can cause refunding of orders and a tarnished reputation.

3. Lower Productivity

When electric motors fail, work is usually impossible to carry out, leaving your personnel with nothing to do, lowering their productivity and sometimes even forcing them to take time off. As a result, this can also likely lower the morale of your staff and increase turnover.

What is the ultimate solution?

Regular preventive motor maintenance is the ultimate solution to avoiding the huge costs of an unplanned electric motor rewind or repair. Preventive maintenance does not only hinder the risk of an unexpected breakdown. Still, it also ensures that your electric motor runs in its optimal condition following the requirements of your business operation.

However, keep in mind that handling electric motors requires technical knowledge and skills. The same thing is true when it comes to conducting preventive maintenance of electric motors. To ensure that your electric motor’s preventive maintenance program is safe and effective, you should entrust the job to the best of companies with services that provide mechanical and electrical engineering in Singapore.


Overall, the cost of an unexpected electric motor rewind is much more than the bill. It can cause disruption, loss, and even damage to your business, which is why routine preventive maintenance of electric motors is essential. To prevent the huge costs of a sudden electric motor repair, be sure to have your motor regularly maintained by mechanical and electrical engineering experts.