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5 Reasons Why Electric Motors Need Preventive Maintenance

5 Reasons Why Electric Motors Need Preventive Maintenance

Electric motors are efficient and powerful machines, but they are not unsusceptible to gradual deterioration and occasional malfunctions. Hence, electric motors need to undergo regular maintenance procedures to ensure their best condition at all times. There are two main types of electric motor maintenance: preventive and reactive maintenance.

Many companies for mechanical and electrical engineering in Singapore opt to provide preventive maintenance services to different facilities because this type of electric motor maintenance comes with numerous benefits. To convince you of the great significance of preventive maintenance, here are some essential reasons why you must have an excellent preventive maintenance procedure in place for your electric motor.

1. Solves problems before they become urgent

Timing is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. Nothing could be worse than working on a huge project and discovering that your electric motor is not cooperating.

It would be even more frustrating to find out that the reason behind the downtime of your electric motor was a minor issue that could have been prevented or repaired by essential preventive maintenance. Essentially, this maintenance helps you ensure that any problem in your electric motor will be avoided or fixed before it becomes damaging.

2. Increases motor lifespan

Increased lifespan of the electric motor is one of the essential benefits of preventive maintenance. Keeping your equipment in good shape enables it to operate longer, lowering costs.

Using instruments like infrared analysis, you can easily detect faults in the connections of your electric motor. This form of preventive maintenance can reveal abnormalities in the mechanics of your electric motor before they can have an irreparable effect on the motor’s efficiency.

3. Enhances motor performance

With constant use, electric motors gradually lose functionality and become less reliable and efficient. Implementing an excellent preventive maintenance program can delay this deterioration process since minor issues will be resolved as they arise. Along with lengthened lifespan, electric motors that undergo regular preventive maintenance also operate more efficiently than those that are less or not maintained.

4. Prevents expensive downtime

Preventive maintenance is an effective strategy that many facilities use to decrease or eliminate unnecessary downtimes. Identifying the root cause of motor failure can minimise the wait time for costly replacements and repairs of your electric motor. If you can determine which machines might begin deteriorating soon, you can schedule replacements or repairs during downtimes at a convenient time for your facility

5. Saves money

Preventive maintenance can save you plenty of dollars since you will no longer need to spend money on expensive replacements and complex repairs caused by major mechanical problems. You can also avoid the consequences of unscheduled downtime due to a malfunctioning electric motor. Although unforeseen issues can still arise, the chances of any severe errors will be reduced with routine preventive maintenance.


Overall, there are many reasons why you should put in place a preventive maintenance program for your electric motor. Aside from increasing the lifespan of your electric motor and enhancing its efficiency, routine preventive maintenance can also save you a lot of money, as it helps ensure that your machine will not experience costly downtimes or require expensive replacements or repairs from time to time.

To further ensure the effectiveness of your preventive maintenance program, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of specialists in a mechanical and electrical engineering company in Singapore. They are usually experts at maintaining electric motors and other machines, and they often provide trustworthy mechanical and electrical services, such as electric motor rewinds and generator overhauling.