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What Happens When You Do Not Maintain Your Generator

What Happens When You Do Not Maintain Your Generator

Generators are expensive equipment that serve essential functions for households, establishments, and industries. They basically generate the much-needed power to provide lighting round the clock, especially during times of power outage. In essence, generators make a great temporary power source for numerous domestic and industrial purposes.

Because of their enormous importance, it is necessary to ensure that generators are in their prime condition at all times. This can be done by having a maintenance routine that checks for failures and defects in a generator. Failure to maintain your generator will most likely lead to dire consequences.

Below are the most common problems that your generator may face if you do not maintain it regularly.

Expensive Repairs

Generators are expensive themselves. So, it is not quite surprising that fixing them also usually costs a lot of money. Purchasing a generator for your business or establishment is a great investment, but without the necessary maintenance, their cost of repairs can spiral out of control.

Once your generator fails or malfunctions, you will most likely be forced to withdraw a big cash for generator overhauling, rewinding, or replacement. To avoid having to spend a lot of money on these repairs, your best option is to put in place a routine maintenance check of your generator.

Remember, just because your generator is currently not showing any signs of failure does not mean that problems do not exist. It is always best to detect electrical and mechanical issues early on during routine maintenance, so they can be addressed more effectively without resulting in costly repairs later on.

Power Failure

Lack of generator maintenance can ultimately lead to power failure. This means that your generator stops producing power, which is the very thing that you were depending on your generator to provide. The most common cause of power failures in generators is the loss of residual magnetism.

Loss of residual magnetism occurs when your generator is not being used for a while, when your generator is running with no load for too long or it has a connected load while shut off, or when your generator is new.

The best way to prevent loss of residual magnetism is to always run your generator with a load and disconnect that load before the generator is turned off. Regular maintenance can also help ensure that this problem is avoided as much as possible.

Exposure to Hazardous Conditions

Letting your generator sit without regular maintenance can be downright dangerous. Lack of generator maintenance usually comes with several risks. This includes fire explosion, electrocution, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fire usually occurs when gasoline is spilled onto the hot engine parts of the generator while in use. Electrocution, on the other hand, will likely result if you operate your generator in wet conditions. Lastly, carbon monoxide poisoning can happen if your generator emits too much carbon monoxide without you knowing.

To prevent these hazardous outcomes from occurring, always take precautions and exercise alertness when operating your generator. Checking and maintaining your generator to make sure that it cools off, is protected from moisture, and has fresh batteries is also very much important.

Ultimately, failing to maintain your generator regularly will not only be costly in the long run, but it can also be dangerous. Generators serve very essential functions when it comes to power production. In times of power outage and other emergencies, they can always come in handy. Therefore, it is important to maintain your generator as much as possible.

If generator maintenance sounds to you like a burdensome or complicated thing to do, you can always hire a generator specialist that provides reliable generator maintenance in Singapore. This specialist will help you ensure that your generator is always in its best condition, so you can turn to it anytime you need to.