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4 Factors To Consider When Selecting An Electric Transformer

4 Factors To Consider When Selecting An Electric Transformer

Electrical transformers are, in essence, devices that transfer electrical energy across different circuits. They are used in many industries for a wide variety of functions.

Usually, they are used to increase (step-up) or decrease (step-down) the voltage intensity of an electric current. For example, reducing a conventional power circuit’s voltage to operate low-voltage devices or increasing an electric generator’s voltage to transmit electric power over a long distance.

Buying a transformer is an important decision that needs careful thought. To ensure that the operation of a transformer is optimised and efficient, you should consider several different factors before the purchase.

Below are several important factors you should take into account when selecting an electric transformer.

1. Environment where the transformer will operate

The environment where the device’s operations will occur is the most crucial factor you should consider before purchasing an electric transformer. The specifications of the transformer will vary according to the environment where you intend to use it.

If the electric transformer is to be used in an open space with frequent exposure to weather elements, you need to select one that is oil-cooled or fluid-filled. Doing so will spare the metallic windings from the hazardous effects of changing weather.

Many electric transformers are placed in the most diverse and extreme weather conditions. Those transformers that operate in environments with salty air and high temperatures often require stable paint applications that are specially made to fight off corrosion.

In essence, wherever the transformer will be placed, it should be able to function optimally in the place where you’ll put it.

2. Operations the transformer will perform

Electric transformers can serve various kinds of functions. When selecting a transformer, it is essential to determine the functions and operations that it will specifically perform in advance. This decision should be based on outcomes – whether the transformer is to be used for isolation, for achieving the K factor, or others.

Transformers in oil and gas installations usually perform the functions of processing, transportation, and liquefaction. However, they may also conduct smaller tasks, such as powering lights in remote locations. Ultimately, the type of transformer that you need will depend largely on its use and the complexity of the operations it will perform.

3. Specific level of protection required

Electric transformers typically cost a lot of money and require several safeguards to maintain their efficiency. These safeguards include high-corrosion resistance on the exterior paint, oil and pressure level monitoring, hot-dipped galvanised radiators, and trip and alarm functions for controlling temperature and pressure.

Different transformers require different levels of protection. Therefore, when choosing a transformer, you need to consider certain specifications to make sure that your device will stay protected and efficient for a long time.

4. kVA rating of the Transformer

The kilo Volt-Ampere (kVA) rating of an electrical transformer indicates the size and nature of the electrical load that the transformer can endure. When selecting a transformer, it is necessary to consider the maximum load you expect the device to be compatible with.

Moreover, the expenses of buying and operating a transformer also usually depend on its kVA rating. For instance, the initial costs of the device itself and its components are often based on how much load the transformer will need to endure during its operations.


Buying an electric transformer is a considerable decision, considering its usual costs and functions. Thus, it is imperative to find a transformer that perfectly suits the tasks you intend to do and the environment you’ll place the transformer within.

To be sure, it is highly recommended to seek advice from or hire the services of specialists when choosing a transformer for your business operations. Several electrical and mechanical engineering companies offer reliable electrical transformer services in Singapore. If you ever need transformer installation services, generator overhauling, or even electric motor rewinds, these professionals are the ones you should turn to.