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3 Considerations To Make Before Getting Motor Rewinding Servicing

Electric motors are one of the most indispensable and prevalent electrical machines that can be found wherever you go. They’re mainly vital for industrial use, such as in the manufacturing industry, military, and transport vessels both in sea and land, to name a few.

However, there is still a chance of failure and it may eventually lead to issues that can cause them to break down. Motor maintenance and electric generator repairplay a critical role in their continued function, but it’s not the sole solution to retaining or improving performance.

One possibility to consider is also the motor rewinding procedure, which helps extend their lifespan. However, there are a few key factors to consider first before taking the service.

The age of your motor

The age of your motor is the first and foremost factor to consider when you’re thinking of having your motor rewound. The reason being is that it’s essential to know if the cost of rewinding is far more economical in the long run than having it entirely replaced.

With the introduction of the Energy Policy Act and Energy Independence and Security Act in 1997 and 2010, respectively, these laws have now imposed stricter requirements when it comes to the efficiency of the motors deployed across all industries.

If your motor was created prior to the establishment of EPAct, rewinding it will certainly be less costly. However, due to its significantly lower efficiency compared to newer models, you’ll miss out on tremendous energy savings and the lower operating costs born from it.

Condition of its stator core

The condition and overall health of the motor’s stator core determine whether the motor can benefit from a rewinding. If the stator core is compromised in some way, especially its laminations, then rewinding will be ineffective, and the service can’t restore the motor to its original performance and efficiency levels.

There are many possible ways for the stator core to be damaged, and a typical example is burred laminations caused by the rotor rubbing against the core due to bearing failure. Still, there are other options available like upgrades and replacement – so, ensure you have an engineer who is adept in services like generator rewinding and switchgear testing to look over its condition carefully before coming to a decision.

Overall cost of rewinding and replacing

As touched on briefly before, motor rewinding is, in most cases, the far less costly option if your motor is a bit dated but still viable for the service. But despite the initial savings from rewinding, it’s important to note that the motor’s operation costs will remain high, nullifying the service’s financial advantages in the long term.

In addition, there’s also the downtime and domino effect to consider. Rewinding will mean removing the motor from the system and, in doing so, creates a ripple effect to the other cogs in the system. The losses incurred from the long lead time of the motor rewinding service could prove undesirable, making a complete and speedy replacement much preferable instead.

As such, you may want to consider electric motor overhauling for a clear overview of your equipment’s condition before proceeding for the right type of servicing.

All in all, the points listed here are a few of the main factors to consider before getting your electric motors serviced for rewinding. However, always have a thorough check of their condition before settling on a suitable service.