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Switchboard Upgrades: Signs Of Likely Failure & Advantages

Switchboards, whether commercial or industrial are essential in many businesses. Without having these switchboards, these companies would not be able to carry out their daily processes and tasks productively. However, despite how expensive, up-to-date or cutting edge the switchboard is, there will be a time when it is due for an upgrade installation.

This upgrade installation ensures that the switchboards are able to handle its daily load effectively. Failing to carry out the upgrade installation can lead to the switchboard malfunctioning. This can significantly decrease the profits of the company. Therefore, similar to electric motor rewinds and other types of industrial equipment, regular maintenance is critical.

If you are unsure of when your switchboard requires an upgrade installation, then keep reading on for some common indications of an impending malfunction.

Signs of an imminent malfunction

  • Burning odour coming from the switchboard
  • If your switchboard is older than 20 years or outdated
  • Constant flickering lights from the switchboard
  • Abnormal tripping of your switchboard
  • The fuse of the switchboard is continually blowing

Advantages of upgrading switchboards

There are several little-known advantages of upgrading your switchboards.

If you are still on the fence about upgrading the switchboards in your company despite the visible signs of an impending malfunction then keep reading on for the benefits that upgrading your switchboards can bring to your business.

Prevent accidents that hold your business back

Many switchboards are reliant on replaceable wires and fuses to operate; this puts it at higher risks of catching fire. If the increased electricity demand blows the fuses within your switchboard, it significantly weakens the circuit breaker. This causes the system to overload which can be seen in the switchboard, overheating, melting and eventually causing an electrical fire.

If your switchboard is used for the heating or cooling of your machinery or other equipment, then it is at higher risk of overheating and catching fire.

Electrical fires can significantly decrease the company’s efficiency, productivity as well as cost the company money in damages. Therefore, just like how you would ensure a generator’s condition by doing generator overhauling to repair any faulty parts – you should also upgrade your switchboard routinely maintain its state of health.

Keep your switchboard up-to-date

As time progresses and more electrical appliances or machinery is reliant on the outdated switchboard, both the switchboard and its wiring might not be able to take the immense pressure. This is when it catches fire.

By keeping your switchboards up to date, you would be preventing any potential chance of a fire breaking out. Additionally, you would also be able to power more of your machinery effectively and in a safe manner.

Save money in the long run

Just like how you would ensure a switchgear installation process goes smoothly, you should do the same for your switchboard. As such, to save costs from the very beginning; get in touch with an engineer who will install the device efficiently and safely.

Installation aside, it is also a wiser decision to upgrade your old and outdated electrical switchboards early before it causes issues like melt or catch fire. If you were to wait till that happens, it would be a costly decision for both you and your company.

The electrician fees required to fix the switchboard after it explodes is much higher than having the switchboard upgraded. In certain cases, some companies who prolong the upgrade of their switchboard suffer monetary loss because of the electrical fires.

With an all-new, upgraded switchboard, you’ll be able to save costs and minimise the chances of failure. As such, work performance won’t be disrupted and you can focus on meeting deadlines. Similarly, as and when needed, switchboards aside; ensure you maintain the condition of other devices like switchgears, and so on by going for regular switchgear testing. In doing so, it’ll keep your equipment at tip-top shape.