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4 Reasons Why Equipment Testing And Inspection Matters

Beyond just ensuring that each one of your lighting fixtures and outlets is completely functional and efficient, the condition of your electrical and mechanical equipment highly matters too – hence, you must ensure they have been properly installed and are in excellent working order.

Moreover, checking the equipment’s condition isn’t just limited to visual inspection alone, sometimes more advanced testings will have to be executed – from hipot testing to partial discharge testing.

With regular inspection, you don’t just ensure your equipment is in tip-condition, but a professional engineer will also be able to tell when maintenance like electric motor rewinds is needed. Or likewise, they’ll help to identify details your team may not usually notice and even suggest specific repairs that’ll help keep your equipment in good shape.

Reduce the risk of workplace injuries

Equipment testing and inspections at the start help to reduce the chances of one of your staff being inflicted with injuries. From time to time, injuries may happen while working – however, there are ways to minimise this occurrence with preventative safety measures like inspections.

Observations and results from tests and inspections offer insights into whether or no a piece of equipment is safely designed or installed, so an engineer can step in and decide what are the adjustments to make.

Similarly, to lower the chances of staff injuries – regular checks for any signs of damages or faults are important to identify any need for repairs. For example, if your generator is experiencing an oil leak or has an insufficient fuel level – your trusted engineer may recommend generator overhauling to have a thorough look at your equipment’s condition first. Afterwards, they’ll decide on the specific repair to do.

Boost overall productivity

Safety aside, workplace productivity can also take a major hit when there is damaged equipment. With faulty equipment, the workflow gets interrupted and projects, products – depending on your business – will be delayed.

Oftentimes, it may even be impossible to finish a single task even if just one piece of equipment has malfunctioned. As such, your schedule may be affected, and likewise, deadlines will not be met.

Henceforth, the reason why inspections and testings are important – be it from the start or regularly throughout the lifespan of your equipment. It helps to inform you if the equipment is working optimally, its reliability, and the need for any other form of maintenance – such as electric motor, switchgear or generator rewinding.

Provides enhanced technical documentation

Check in with your engineer if the results of a test are recorded down. Usually, this will be the case, and it allows for detailed technical documentation – which gives you a better idea of your equipment’s condition.

In the future, the information will be useful to both you and your trusted engineer. It’ll help to give you a better idea of your equipment’s condition, when the last test was made, and whether you should call in for another test or inspection. Similarly, your engineer will know what’s the next step to take with detailed documentation written can be done.

Lower maintenance costs

When a regular inspection is done by an experienced engineer, you can do a repair before the issue becomes much costly. For instance, electric motor overhauling will allow you to identify any problems with your equipment with proper examination.

Afterwards, with the right maintenance service – it’ll help make your equipment perform better, lengthen the lifespan tremendously, and you’ll put in less time on repairs.

In other words, you’ll obtain more ROI (Return On Investment) for a longer period of time. Also, small repairs are usually more cost-effective as heavy machinery can be expensive to replace.

Now that you understand the few reasons why equipment testing and inspection is important for your workplace, it’s important to get in touch with a reliable engineer to help you ensure your equipment is at its best condition.

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