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3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Industrial Equipment

At the start, whether it’s after your switchgear or electrical transformer installation – efficiency always remains at its best with speedy and smooth-running operations.

However, such results are not permanent. As eventually, every piece of equipment out there will degrade over time – whether it’s due to extended durations of usage, signs of faulty parts or improper use of equipment.

Afterwards, it’s either the case of repairing, replacing or upgrading to solve the issue. Depending on the severity of the damage, the engineer will decide upon the solution by checking each part of the equipment thoroughly. For instance, if the damaged equipment happens to be a diesel generator – the engineer will conduct generator overhauling to get to the root of the problem.

Still, while there are various ways to extend the lifespan of equipment or allow your business to return to regular operations again; this time, we’ll be taking a further look at equipment upgrades and why it’s extremely beneficial for your day-to-day operations.

Improved efficiency, lessened downtime

Time and cost will always be two important factors when it comes to assessing a piece of equipment’s performance. If you realise that frequent repairs are required or the time taken to operate the equipment is increasing – an upgrade may be a viable option.

While an upgrade does come with its setbacks such as the possible delay of project deadlines as a result of training staff on the new equipment or disruption of workloads – such problems are only temporary. In the long run, it will do your business good as the previous issues caused by faulty equipment like wasted man-hours and lost revenue will be removed with an upgrade piece of equipment.

More importantly, an equipment upgrade will let you prepare for the demands of more important projects in the future.

Increase the availability of parts

With advancements in equipment and technology, many businesses will continually upgrade their equipment to achieve the best performance possible. As a result, this may lead to manufacturers putting a stop to production for equipment models that are significantly older.

Without keeping up with the latest updates for the equipment, it will mean that it will start to age and need more repairs than usual. This will make it hard on your end to source and buy spare parts.

Hence, modernising or upgrading your equipment may be a great way to increase the availability of spare parts, allowing you to make timely and less costly repairs and upgrades.

Lesser breakdowns and accidents

In a workplace, particularly one which involves the use of industrial equipment, the occurrence of accidents is possible.

It is even more likely when there are no frequent checks and maintenance done regularly as this is bound to affect the performance and condition of the equipment. Dated equipment will normally have fewer fail-safe mechanisms, industry-specific upgrades, and monitor instruments, every one of them can result in job site accidents and breakdowns.

Hence, there is a need to upgrade your equipment for it to be at top-notch condition always. Otherwise, depending on the equipment, a repair may be needed. From electric motor rewinds to switchgear repairs, you should let your engineer undergo a detailed check for each one of your equipment to identify which are the ones that need repair.

Only when a repair is not possible, will he or she need to gather parts or simply upgrade your equipment directly to improve its performance.

While upgrading your equipment involves a particular amount of expenses, it will be worthwhile in the long run as it lessens the chances of malfunctioning and the number of repairs needed. Similarly, you’ll also be improving the overall equipment efficiency and easing the working experience for your staff.