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Laser Alignment: 4 Benefits For Your Rotating Equipment

In one of our past articles, we mentioned about the various misalignments rotating equipment can face – such as shaft or belt alignment.

Other than for the reason of fixing the problem and getting back to its original state, there are tons of perks to doing a laser alignment – from recording accurate, precise, and constant readings to faster delivery, better interpretation and analysis.

Read on to discover what exactly are the benefits laser alignment offers to your rotating machinery.

Prevent production losses and expensive downtime

Improper alignment of motor parts results in a heightened risk of equipment failure. As such, it may cause several consequences like disrupted production schedules, prolonged and unplanned downtime intervals, lowered overall productivity, increased production losses, and poorer profitability.

However, with laser alignment – these problems will no longer be an issue.

What laser alignment does is ensure the proper alignment of motor parts, in turn, makes sure that belts, bearings, seals, and many other vital parts of equipment from undergoing higher levels of stress (consisting of vibration, noise, and friction) in the midst of operation.

The consequences of stress levels include subsequent equipment failure and premature component deterioration and malfunction. But with laser alignment machinery, there’s better profitability and production, heightened prevention of breakdowns, and boosts equipment performance.

Aligned equipment are eco-friendly

Unlike other much impactful consequences such as poor work performance and profit loss, the environmental impact of running misaligned and inefficient equipment are not as obvious.

However, the matter of the fact is they’re indeed harmful in many sorts of ways to the environment. The numerous consequences include consumption and production wastage due to the constant need to replace components as well as the excess energy resulting from operating inefficient equipment and the environmentally harmful fluid leaks.

Laser alignment helps to ensure such problems are minimised or don’t exist. And at the same time, make sure your equipment is in tip-top condition always. Meanwhile, you should still understand that regular maintenance is required – such as electric motor or generator overhauling, depending on the type of equipment you have. That way, you can take a closer look at the equipment, identify any issue and fix them immediately.

Improves workplace productivity and cost-efficiency

Older alignment techniques like straight edge and dial gauges usually require specialised operators with vast experience and training; laser alignment has a relatively smaller learning curve which lets less experienced and skilled operators produce precise and consistent results.

In addition, together with the speedy setup time, it’s a whole lot easier to use laser alignment, making it an easily repeatable procedure, allowing for its continual use in regular preventative maintenance programs.

When a piece of equipment operates smoothly with the right laser alignment, time wastage is prevented when it comes to downtime and machine adjustments as a result of malfunctions and breakdowns. With a laser aligned equipment, you can also considerably reduce the chances of major project errors, and you can also count on the consistently efficient operation.

Therefore, it means that there’ll be smoother and more productive processing, resulting in more money saved and lesser work time. At the same time, you’ll be saving plenty when it comes to your energy expenses as well.

Creates a safer workplace

Misaligned machinery can result in numerous potentially hazardous issues such as excessive noise and fluid leaks.

However, with a laser alignment system, you can reduce and even remove these dangerous circumstances making sure that yourself and your workmates can keep a comfortable and safe working environment.

There are various advantages to laser alignment for your rotating machinery, and it’s always important to do the appropriate servicing to keep your equipment at its best state.

Similarly, it’s the same from the very beginning. Be it for the installation of distribution transformer or generator – it’s important to have a professional engineer to oversee the entire process so you can get your equipment running smoothly.