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How Motor Rewinding Benefits Your Business Tremendously

Before we go into the details – let’s talk about what motor rewinding really is.

Unlike a motor replacement where entirely new equipment will come in to take over the place of the faulty motor – motor rewinding gives a new lease of life to the old parts of the machinery.

Needless to say, it doesn’t mean that a motor replacement is any less effective; it just depends on your specific business needs and circumstances. It’s as simple as starting with electric motor overhauling to have a thorough check done on your equipment.

It’s only from there onwards that you can conclude if motor rewinding is indeed suitable for your equipment’s current condition. And once the preferred servicing method is selected – it’s time to go into the numerous advantages.

Cost-saving alternative

The entire motor rewinding procedure will only take you about 40% of the price tag for a fresh new unit. In that sense, it is highly appealing for businesses without the financial ability to afford a new motor just yet.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds; there are a couple of contributing factors which determine your motor’s compatibility with the rewinding process.

Generally, rewinding can be applied to most motors – ranging from small to large machines. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the specific part which has suffered the damage.

There’s a higher possibility of motor rewinding not working when your equipment’s laminations or bearings are faulty. On the flip side, rewinding is possible if the magnetic core is operating normally.

Boosts efficiency

The myth of how motor rewinding brings down the efficiency of your equipment’s performance is now finally debunked.

Even if it may have been slightly true earlier on, the recent advancements in equipment have allowed for an increase in equipment performance.

And so long as you have an experienced engineer by your side – you are sure to see your equipment return in tip-top condition. Your engineer will probably understand what are the required replacements after a thorough inspection – such as switching out worn-out coils with brand new ones.


A motor itself can already cause substantial damage to the environment – and a damaged one or the purchase of brand new equipment is twice as bad.

Yet, most businesses still overlook the harmful environmental impact.

However, if you were to consider rewinding your motor instead – you’re actually recycling the engine’s parts and materials and renewing your equipment once more.

Especially since these days, motor technicians have come up with phenomenal techniques to boost the procedure’s efficacy and bring rewound motors back to their original efficiency level.

As such, motor rewinding is the way to go as it isn’t only cost-effective but the environmentally-friendlier choice. In other words, it’s a win-win solution for both your business and nature.

With that said, motor rewinding is certainly an enticing servicing solution to salvage your equipment – but it doesn’t mean that it will always be your go-to answer. Whether it’s a motor or generator overhauling – there’s a need to check the health of your equipment closely.

Several factors like improper rewinding, being over a decade old, as well as severe and irreparable damages, are signs that you should get a replacement instead of just rewinding. So, get your engineer to assess your equipment’s condition carefully, and you will understand which type of maintenance fits you best.