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What Happens When You Don’t Have A Standby Generator

Your main industrial generator may be the key power source to the rest of your equipment in your plant, factory or workplace – but what happens when it breaks down?

There won’t be any available power to supply all the machinery – and other consequences like lower employee productivity, loss of revenue and a drop in customer satisfaction will occur as well. As said before in our previous articles, power outages negatively impact your business greatly.

That’s when standby or backup generators come in to provide a temporary supply of power, so your business is able to run normally. However, without one – your business can face numerous losses – be it revenue-wise or employee satisfaction-wise.

Below, we have listed down a couple of undesirable consequences that will happen when your workplace does not have a standby generator on hand.

No communication systems available

When there’s no power in your workplace – your telephone lines and internet broadband will be affected.

In other words, this means that two-way communication will not be possible between your staff and customers or clients. While some may engage in your services or products on another day – it may not be the case if the power outage is still ongoing or the damaged generator continues to be faulty. You may stand to lose potential revenue opportunities or partnerships with new clients.

Therefore, it’s important to do regular generator overhauling – for both your main and standby generator, so you can keep your equipment’s condition in check.

Business operations will come to a stop

Similarly, your communication systems aren’t the only part of your business that will be affected – other components like internal systems and employee productivity will face the same problem.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, your staff will not be able to continue producing the products without any power supply. Especially if the power outage lasts for weeks, – you won’t be able to accept orders or be quick enough to fulfil those you’ve missed out on. This will be detrimental to your relationship with both new and existing customers.

Employees will be equally affected as well – no access to equipment means they can’t perform their daily tasks. They’ll face difficulty trying to complete their work until electricity is restored.

Even if the power is finally back, if the power outage has been going for some time – productivity levels may have dropped, and they are not as efficient as they used to be.

Compromise employee safety

Cut off power supply means there won’t be lighting available. Without accessible lighting, it’s going to be hard for you and your staff to move around in the workplace.

But more importantly, security systems such as security cameras, alarm systems, and security lights will not be working – and this will result in increased security risk. Which is why you will need a standby generator to ensure all security systems are operating smoothly.

Choosing the right standby generator

You’ll need to consider a number of factors before you select the right backup generator – such as the following below:

  • Power needs
  • Size or capacity
  • Brand
  • Fuel source
  • Location

Meanwhile, if you still don’t have a generator within your compound – it’s about time you highly consider doing so. For instance, you could opt for a cummins generator installation – and ensure that you’ll always have sufficient power supply for your business.

Without a standby generator, the dire consequences can be harmful to your business in the long run. Ensure you get hold of an efficient standby generator so the power stays running even when your main power source is down.