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The Truth About Dynamic Balancing: Debunking 3 Common Myths

Dynamic balancing does have its own perks – reducing structural stress, lowering energy costs and extending bearing life.

However, a dynamic balance is not only done for its added benefits but to prevent catastrophic failure from happening as well. When there is excessive vibration, issues like cracks and bearing failure will slowly start to pop up. That’s when dynamic balance steps in to rectify any of these errors – effectively improving overall equipment performance too.

But while dynamic balancing is a crucial service to get for your motor, there are certain myths which have brought up much confusion among businesses.

Through this article, we’ll be explaining the four common myths and debunking them so you can better understand what dynamic balancing is.

Better runout accuracy equals to good balance

Runout, defined as inaccuracy of rotating machinery parts  – or more specifically – inaccurate rotation of shaft or tool against the main axis. Just like imbalance, runout leads to excess vibration and increase wear and tear on bearings.

Now, since you have better understood what runout is – we’ll explain how it coexists with balance.

First off, runout has an impact on balance but does not ultimately conclude good balance. In fact, runout occurs as a result of imbalance. But since they are directly correlated with each other, you’ll have to achieve an accurate measure of runout before proceeding to correct unbalance.

These two come hand in hand with each other – they must work together to ensure improved equipment performance. So, remember to correct both runout and balance.

Proper balancing extends runtime and lifetime

As said earlier, dynamic balance does improve the condition of the equipment’s bearings. However, it doesn’t mean that the overall lifespan of the equipment can be lengthened.

Just like other parts of your equipment, each one of them has to be carefully taken care of and maintained to keep your machinery at tip-top condition. Issues like looseness and misalignment cannot be rectified just by balancing alone.

You will need to engage other services such as motor or generator overhauling to get a thorough checkup of your equipment. By then, you will understand if you’re in need of other maintenance services like stator lamination to align your stator core. Otherwise, your trusted engineer will recommend suitable services as well.

Balancing is extremely costly

There shouldn’t be a price tag on dynamic balancing or any other maintenance services. When it all comes down to it, regular maintenance is required for your motor or any other equipment to operate normally.

Then again, if the price is still a major concern for your business – fret not. Simply discuss with your engineer on the cost, and they’ll assist you in whatever way possible. Maintenance issues aside, they’re also likely to help you with matters regarding new equipment like Cummins generator installation or electric transformer testing.

Dynamic balancing is one of the key points in ensuring your equipment is at its best state of health. While the maintenance service is necessary, you should also understand how it works completely to know what you’re dealing with.

When you do so – you are more familiar with your equipment, and it’ll help your business tremendously!

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