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4 Key Signs Your Motor Is Reaching The End Of Its Life

You probably are aware of the fact that sooner or later, your motor will reach the end of its lifespan. While it may seem troubling, there are many options that you can go for as long as you spot the problems early on.

Below, you will find several signs that will tell you when its time to take action for your motor.

Severe Overheating

There are quite a few causes that will lead to overheating of the motor. Whether it is due to excessive current, insufficient airflow to ensure it keeps cool or friction as a result of worn parts, you have to know that a case of severe overheating could do damage or even bring an end to the motor.

No matter the reason, as long as you have noticed that the motor is hotter than usual, its time you get it checked out by a professional before it completely fails without getting any servicing done.

When really necessary, regardless of the type of motor you have, you might need to service your electric motor or even go for explosion proof motor repair.

Power Overload

Once you notice flickering lights when you turn on your motor, you will know that this is a clear sign of overloading. If the situation isn’t too dire, you will be able to easily fix this issue by simply plugging into a power source with the right wattage and amerage requirements. Don’t forget to make sure there aren’t too many machines operating at the same time.

However, in cases when your appliance starts to shut off suddenly, you might have to deal with problems that will eventually fry the inner-workings of your equipment. As a result, you might have to call up a trusted electrical maintenance technician.

Consummation Of Extra Energy

If it turns out that your equipment with electric motors is all of a sudden taking up more energy than they normally do, leading to dead batteries and a rise in electricity bills, then it means they are working extra harder to run efficiently.

This is an obvious sign that the various components of the appliance are wearing out and will require maintenance as soon as possible.

Build-Up Of Sludge

You will know that you are encountering a problem of motor sludge once you notice certain signs like decreased fuel economy.

When this happens inside your electric motor’s reservoir or any other particular parts, you will notice that the sludge will cause the components to gum up, prevent excess heat from escaping and as a result cause the motor to be destroyed.

If you don’t want to end up pouring money into extra maintenance costs, you should do your job to keep your motors clean on a regular basis. Otherwise, with electric motor rewinds in Singapore being on the rise, it makes sense for you to get in touch with an expert to fix your troubling problems if it calls for it.

To make sure your motor is always at its best condition, you will have to be aware of the signs that tell you when your equipment is about to stop functioning. In that way, you will then be able to prevent any other problems that will damage your appliance even further.

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