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What It Takes To Keep Your Workplace Safe

Workplace safety is often overlooked and as a result, many unfortunate accidents tend to happen. Within Singapore itself, there have been eight workplace fatalities in the first four months of 2018. While it may not seem like much, these incidents do happen, and as an employer, it is always crucial to take the necessary precautions to make sure that these events don’t happen.

1. Do Regular Checks On Your Plant Equipment

Just like any other item, your equipment or machinery will wear out it is used too long or becomes damaged. It may seem like a chore, but it is necessary for you to inspect certain equipment every day before using them, some of them include ladders, forklifts and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). An excellent way to check if your equipment is still in good condition is to do your repairs on a regular basis, such as switchgear maintenance.

2. Educate Your Staff And Provide Proper Training

While it is good to keep an eye out on your equipment’s condition, it is pointless if you do not teach your employees properly as they might potentially damage the equipment or be using them illegally as they are not certified to operate the machinery.

As an employer, it is your duty to make sure that they get the necessary training and are qualified to operate the equipment. Proper education also refers to basic first-aid training, a safety handbook to guide them and a detailed emergency response plan so that they are always prepared if an accident were to happen. Keep in mind that they should have the basic knowledge of the safety expectations that are required of the different types of equipment.

3. Routine Assessments

The best way to prevent any faults or failure in equipment from happening is to definitely have your routine assessments. With the help of routine assessments, you can easily point out any errors and fix them before they become a problem.

Periodic maintenance is an especially great way to check the health of the equipment. Electric motor vibration analysis is one of the most common tests that is done to check for any irregularities or anomalies within the equipment, and once you have identified them, you can avoid any failures and even avoid equipment costs as only a simple repair is made.

4. Make Sure To Label Designated Hazardous Zones

Just like how it is crucial to put up the ‘Caution Wet Floor’ sign when the floor is wet, you should also do the same for all your hazardous zones, after all, no one enjoys the thought of an accident happening. Use the colour red for your labels, as this colour will catch your employees’ attention and make sure they avoid the location.

Another great idea is to illuminate hazardous zones by making use of tape or painting black and white stripes on the floor of the area so that accidents can be avoided, and no such injuries or casualties will happen.

5. Implement Minimum Safety Standards

Not only is it an easy way of making sure that safety standards are met, but you are making it clear to your employees that safety is important and it is something that they have a part in as well.

Start with the basic guidelines like providing proper safety equipment and ensuring that they make full use of them. Some of the standard equipment that you can get includes hard hats, work gloves, proper eyewear and footwear and anti-fatigue floor mats. Attire aside, you should also make sure to guide them through the importance of safety by having them follow proper safety precautions like keeping floors and aisles free of debris and proper handling of materials.

No matter how big or small your organization, it is always important for any business to create a safe working environment to reassure the staff, prevent any accidents or loss of equipment.

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