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Singapore Electric Motor Spare Parts

Using Genuine OEM Parts Over Aftermarket Parts

When it comes to repairs or maintenance, it is normal to get conflicted choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts even after you have carefully assessed the advantages for both types of parts.

As when you think about it, you’ll notice that both OEM and aftermarket parts have their own pros and cons. However, if you look closely, you will realise that getting OEM parts is a much better choice as a long-term option when compared to aftermarket parts.

OEM Parts

OEM (which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts comes directly from the manufacturer of your equipment, for instance, when you did your first electric motor installation and they are identical to your original parts or products that you are replacing. As these parts come directly from the actual manufacturer, they are newly made to fit the specifications of the parts and are made up of the same exact materials.

Aftermarket Parts

Unlike OEM parts, aftermarket parts are manufactured by a completely separate company from the original manufacturing company. To put it simply into words, aftermarket parts are a replica of the replacement parts and as a result, they are made up of other materials and can be of poorer quality when compared to OEM parts, which explains why they are considered a more affordable option.

Why Should You Get OEM Parts Instead Of Aftermarket Parts?

When it comes to the costs for getting electric motor spare parts in Singapore, the first thing that comes to mind would be aftermarket parts as they are cheaper because they don’t come from a branded manufacturer. However, if you think about it carefully, it comes with a high risk and high reward.

Even if you may get the parts that you need with similar or better quality, it will take ages for you to find it as you will have to source for it via multiple platforms, websites or manufacturers. Rather than go for aftermarket parts, it makes sense for one to opt for OEM parts instead, and here are the many reasons why.

Guaranteed Quality

As the part comes from the original manufacturer, you can be promised of its quality as they are produced to be the same as the genuine parts. Rather than risk it all by buying aftermarket parts that might come in poor quality, it is always best to play it safe and get OEM parts to make sure that your machine can operate smoothly without any trouble.

System Compatibility

Aftermarket parts manufacturers usually produce parts that are made to fit various models of vehicles so as to mass produce them to earn more profit. And that spells trouble for your equipment as there remains a chance of the part not being compatible with it. In cases like this, its when you highly consider getting OEM parts instead, as they will without a doubt be suitable for your machinery.

Warranty and Support Assurance

Another added benefit of OEM parts is the guaranteed warranty and support that you’ll get after buying them. This is a critical factor to consider as non-OEM parts don’t come with warranty coverage, so when an accident or system failure occurs, you are practically doomed as you will have to end up fixing the problem on your own.

Higher Durability

The fact that OEM parts come directly from the original manufacturers themselves cannot be stressed any further, as this determines the durability of the part that you’re getting as well. The manufacturer will make sure to have spent many years coming up with recipes for coatings and sheet metal that resist corrosion while ensuring that the part contributes to increased safety standards. Getting an aftermarket part might not get you the same benefits that you are looking for.

Reliable Distribution and Assistance

Manufacturing companies of OEM parts usually take a lot of time and effort to refine their distribution network, so you can be reassured that you’ll be getting your parts on time when you need them. As they have been in this industry for a long time, you can also get any enquiries answered by the staff as they will have years of knowledge about the original parts. An aftermarket parts manufacturer, on the other hand, may only have passable knowledge as they make replicas and not the exact same parts.

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