Graco Auto - Lubrication System

Maintech Engineering & Supplies Pte Ltd
The Authorized Distributor for Graco Lubrication Equipment in Singapore

Accurate, Dependable Lubrication Systems
When it comes to lubrication, Graco has the answers!

While critical bearings are hard at work on your machine tool, production and press equipment, Graco's line of centralized and automatic lubrication systems is delivering precise amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals to every lube point — even if they're hard to reach.

- Extend equipment life
- Maximize performance
- Minimize downtime

With Graco Automatic Lubrication Systems You Get:

- Increased productivity —

  Longer machine life and reduced downtime
- Reduced operating costs —
  Reduced repair labour and component costs
- More efficient lubrication —
  Small, carefully controlled amounts when needed

Long History Of Success
Graco has a long history of financial stability, commitment where we work and live. Our aggressive investment in product development and technology — has positioned Graco to succeed through the highs and lows of ever-changing economies. Our ongoing investment reflect our global focus, particularly in emerging economies.


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